Annual Gas Safety Certificate

Annual Gas Safety Certificates in Carlisle

Need An Annual Gas Safety Certificate in Carlisle?

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Are you looking for a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out a gas safety check on your rental property? If so you are at the right place – we are Gas Safe registered engineers in Carlisle and offer a range of gas services including gas safety checks for Gas Safety Certificates.

About Gas Safety Certificates

Do you need a gas safety certificate? Do you know if you need a gas safety certificate?

Gas safety certificates are the responsibility of landlords of rental properties. As a landlord you must be able to provide your tenants and up-to-date gas safety certificate. The gas safety certificate will be issued following a safety check undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Safety Certificate checks will include

  • description and location of each appliance and/or flue checked
  • name, registration number and signature of the engineer who carried out the check
  • date on which the appliance and/or flue was checked
  • the address of the property at which the appliance and/or flue is installed
  • the name and address of the landlord (or his agent where appropriate)
  • any defect identified and any action required or taken to fix it
  • confirmation of the results of operational safety checks carried out on the appliances.


We can provide gas safety certificates in Carlisle and the surrounding area. If you would like to obtain a gas safety certificate please contact us to arrange a gas safety check.

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